Ukrainian Canadian Congress Hamilton Конгрес Українців Канади відділ Гамільтон
Ukrainian Canadian Congress HamiltonКонгрес Українців Канади відділ Гамільтон

Ukrainian Youth Association (Hamilton Branch)

President: Larysa Zariczniak

Head Councillor: Tatyana Lazar

Project Coordinator: Alaxandra Lazar


CYM has weekly meetings which includes discussion groups, sport,  singing, arts and crafts and field trips. Lectures and discussion groups enable the youth to broaden their knowledge in areas such as history,
geography, literature and traditions. Aside from weekly meetings, the youth have opportunities to participate in various sports by joining volleyball, soccer, baseball, hockey and other teams.
 CYM Hamilton is very proud of Svitanok, its all-female choir conducted by Marichka Duncan which has existed for over 4 decades.


Along with these weekly meetings there are also summer and winter camp programs. Both the National Executive and the branches organize camps with varying characteristics appealing to a wide range of youth as well as adult members. Some camps concentrate on the development of leadership skills, while others are athletic in nature. The National Executive organizes leadership camps which help prepare future counsellors for the organization.


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