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Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund

Building on Canada's commitment to provide Ukrainians and their families with a safe haven while the unprovoked and illegal war continues in their home country, Minister Fraser announced a new Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund, which will help at least 10,000 Ukrainians and their families access free flights to Canada.


The fund has been launched in partnership with Miles4Migrants, The Shapiro Foundation and Air Canada and builds on the existing supports for Ukrainians wishing to travel to Canada. In addition to a significant donation of 100 million Aeroplan points by Air Canada, The Shapiro Foundation will match donations by Canadians, with a donation equivalent of up to 50 million Aeroplan points.


As part of this initiative, Canadians are invited to donate and help in the following ways:


The Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund program will be open to Ukrainian nationals and their accompanying family members who hold valid Canadian travel documents and who have been approved for travel to Canada. Details on how eligible Ukrainians and their families can access the program will be made available in the coming weeks. 


This partnership follows the measures announced by the Prime Minister, which include targeted charter flights to Canada for Ukrainian nationals, short-term income support to ensure basic needs are met, and temporary hotel accommodation for up to 2 weeks for those who require support.


For more information, please read this news release.

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